Sunday, September 18, 2011

EPIC post aka 'I did it'!

Peoples, I am BACK. Back from the grips of a head cold that sucked the ever-lovin' life outta me, I tell you. Thank gawd that's over! However, today when I finally came around to feeling well enough to catch up on my La Dolce posts, I realized that *eeeeek!* I had FOUR recipes to complete and a mere matter of hours in which to complete them. And I still needed some things from the grocery!

The thought of faking it came to mind, but dag nabbit...I have too much integrity for that! Not to mention, I don't want to cheat you dear readers out of my documented follies!

So, onward we march!

First up, I made the Soba Noodle Miso Soup. I hate to say it, but I just wasn't into how it tasted.

Could the world's saddest bok choy have been to blame?


Or maybe it was the weird brand of tofu that I don't usually buy?

Could be.

Surely it couldn't be the Mellowness from the Miso Master himself?


Here's what the broth looked like while it "steeped".

Here's the gomasio I used for garnish.

And here's what it looked like in the bowl before I ate it.

I have a crap-ton left over (sigh), so maybe it'll taste better later? But then I worry I'll "wreck" the miso by reheating. Oh, what to do? For now, it's sitting in a covered pot on the stovetop, until I decide it's fate.

Next up was Stephanie's Asteroids, another no-bake cookie recipe. One thing I have learned from this project is that I am apparently not a big fan of no-bake cookies.  I have also learned that I don't feel good when I eat too much sugar. :-P

Here's the oats, coconut and cinnamon all mixed up and awaiting it's peanut-buttery glue.

And here's the aforementioned glue.

It's actually pretty tasty, I think I've just seriously overdosed on sugar.

Here's what they looked like all balled up and ready for the fridge.

Next was the Cherry Cobbler. It was super easy and came out real purty.

I don't know if you can tell from the photo, but it was still bubbling from the heat from the oven when I snapped the pic.

The final frontier was the Cool Cucumber Salad with the Creamy Soygurt Dressing.

The recipe called for a "large" English cucumber. Do you think this qualifies as "large"?

Does it still qualify as English if it's not from England?

And do they have to shrink-wrap the dang things for gawd's sake? Sheesh.

I chopped it up as instructed.

Don't forget your "large tomato".

This one was actually too large. I only used about half.

After harvesting a bit of mint from the potted plant in my front yard (1 tsp), I whipped up the dressing and threw it all together.

It Ok I guess. Maybe it will be better tomorrow after it sits in the dressing for a while. Flavor-meld and all that.

After all this work, I had to have a plate of "victory cobbler". Deeelicious.

Feeling very accomplished right now. And full.

Peace, y'all!


  1. That's a lotta cooking! I usually get depressed after a recipie dosent turn out well and go on a cooking strike for a few days. Seattle is great for most produce - except dang tomatoes! I cant get the things to grow out here - too cold. the cherry cobbler looks great though!

  2. Great job! I agree about shrink wrapping the cuke. I about gave up trying to get the stupid wrapping off! At least we are all caught up now. Happy cooking!